Devoted father

Climbing through the cavity
Pulling cable
A clostrphobe in the making
Still, it must be done
Power on
New light on the horizon
Sweat and toil
Back is aching
Kango, breaking mortar
Splints break and fall
Bounce off my face like kisses
Tiny scratches
Reminders of what it is all for
Your faces appear in the wall
I smile, determined to carry on
Devoted father
Never falter
Duty bound, honoured
What better purpose is there?
Hands blistered
Heart broken
the cord is strong
No minute wasted
I plough on, for you
My loves, My life
My reason for living
To see you smile,
hear your laughter
To save your hurt
Absent father
Connected always
Til I take my last breath
It was always for you

Carrie © 2020

Devoted father

Author: itsjustnoteasy

Hi, I am a 50 something stay at home mother, grandmother and daughter of elderly (ish) parents. I do however, volunteer twice a week in a charity shop, mind grand children on occasion and of course do any other running around required by extended family. Prior to being a stay at home mum, I have worked at many different jobs, changed career a few times and gathered lots of stories along the way, which I hope you will enjoy as we begin our new relationship. I hope I will be able to entertain, engage and enlighten you, if only a small bit. Life is short, so lets have some fun. Looking forward to getting up and running (metaphorically speaking of course) as I have no intention of running anywhere! Perish the thought!! Thanks for stopping by, Carrie x

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