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Sometimes, It is difficult being the one ‘in charge’ whatever you may be ‘in charge’ of. It will court controversy, create divisions and even dissent in the camp, but one thing is for sure, some will agree with it and some won’t. Some will agree with some of it, and some won’t agree with any of it…..That is the grey area…..

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Life is simple, it’s just not easy – that is how this blog got its name. On the face of it, things should be simple. Basic human needs, our right to have our basic needs met, but, it’s not that easy. Why? Because we want more than just basic human rights, and is the driving force, for good and for bad.

They say money is the route of all evil, but so too, can be power. The powerful can do good and do bad at the same time. To have ‘power over’ is to control, to manage, to take care, to take advantage.

It’s a matter of perspective. Its a matter of which side of the fence you are on. It’s a matter of giving and taking. It’s a matter of enabling or disabling. It’s a coin of two sides. Some are winners, some are losers.

Its a matter of East versus West, North versus South. Tradition and Culture, giving and taking. There are obstacles and solutions to everything, but everything can not be managed in the same way, at the same time. Everything is not fair or equal and I doubt it ever will be.

Today we can be on this side of the fence, experiencing and be influenced by whatever it is we are experiencing and being influenced by. Tomorrow, the opposite could be true. The tables can turn, the balance can be tipped, but we each have our own part to play in all of it. No matter how big or small, we, humankind, mankind, have a part to play.

There is justice in the world and there is unfairness and injustice. People change, laws change, policies change, the climate changes. There are those far left, those right wing and those in the middle.

The poor, the rich the hungry and the dying. We are all victims of our own circumstance, of where we were born, to whom we were born, what traditions we follow, what side of the world, what culture then ultimately, what choices we make for ourselves.

Whatever our opinions, which of course we can have and have a right to, we cannot and will not, please all of the people all of the time…….

It is all an impossible contradiction….

Contradiction …..

I am strong

I am weak

Standing tall

On my knees

I am hungry

I am stuffed

I am nothing

I am enough

I am energised

I am weary

I am fun

I am dreary

I am laughing

I am crying

I am living

I am dying

I am bent

I am straight

I am early

I am late

I am happy

I am sad

I am good

I am bad

I am hot

I am cold

I am quiet

I am bold

I am a coward

I am brave

I am free

I am a slave

I am right

I am wrong

I fit in

I don’t belong

I am woman

I am man

I am saved

I am dammed

I am peace

I am war

I am rich

I am poor

I am fat

I am thin

I am pure

I am sin

I am tall

I am small

I know nothing

I know it all

I am bright

I am dull

I am empty

I am full

I am difficult

I am easy

I am contrary

I am pleasing

I am here

I am there

I love too much

I don’t care

I am black

I am white

I am blind

I see the light

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Hi, I am a 50 something stay at home mother, grandmother and daughter of elderly (ish) parents. I do however, volunteer twice a week in a charity shop, mind grand children on occasion and of course do any other running around required by extended family. Prior to being a stay at home mum, I have worked at many different jobs, changed career a few times and gathered lots of stories along the way, which I hope you will enjoy as we begin our new relationship. I hope I will be able to entertain, engage and enlighten you, if only a small bit. Life is short, so lets have some fun. Looking forward to getting up and running (metaphorically speaking of course) as I have no intention of running anywhere! Perish the thought!! Thanks for stopping by, Carrie x

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