When we find time to breathe, to get off the treadmill, to escape the rat race, to be alone and at one with ourselves, we find we can love ourselves more…..

“The only constant in life is change”



There is a freedom in letting go

And the unfurling of knots and grip, and sinew, though

at first feels wrong, strange and painful, soon becomes

loose, light and lethargic.

Yet in that looseness, a new strength is constructed,

and in no length of time consciousness truly awakens,

and brings fresh breath to each cell, each nerve, each muscle

as though, it has been reborn, rebooted and realigned to

its own self,

to embrace, to understand and accept, that therein lies

the true reality of duty and obligation.

To first, clutch oneself, love inwardly, one’s own mind and body,

for everything else is just weight…..