What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

One question I hate to be asked is ‘yeah, but who’s your favourite’? I’ve been asked that over the years regarding my children and grandchildren….my answer is always and will always be the same, ‘I don’t have a favourite’.

I can be asked until the cows come home and I still would not, could not, answer the question.

The thing is all my children and all my grandchildren share the same amount of love I carry for them in my heart.

Now, when it comes to all their individual behaviours, quirks, attitudes etc, that denotes how I ‘respond and react’ to them. It does not denote how deeply I love them. If they, or anyone else, has a different opinion on ‘who MY favourite is’, then that is a matter of conjecture and not a matter of fact.

We are all very unique. Possess very different sets of skills, patience, tolerances, resilliences, etc and I guess we all bob along best we can, but as for favourites…..

There is no favourite person only my favourite chocolate bar, or my favourite food, favourite book, favourite movie, favourite destination etc. Even then, it does not always remain the same, it changes.

So as to my children and grandchildren, they are all one of my favourite people on the planet…..

Now I must dash, my favourite dinner is ready!