Moments of joy

sometimes when things look grey….. the love of a child will brighten your day

Here the children come to play
Splashing about in puddles today
They laugh and squeal, it looks such fun
Even when they fall on their bum!
Nanny, Nanny, come have a go
How can I resist and tell them no!
In for a penny, in for a pound
I love to hear their laughing sound
So they are young, not a care in the world
Making me feel, like a small little girl
The pleasure in life, not money and wealth
But small moments of joy, god fun and good health
The children will teach us, what really matters
As we scream with excitement like silly mad hatters
Time to go in and get some cakes
Followed by ice-cream and jelly snakes
Then plonk of the sofa and watch some T.V
I cuddle them and they cuddle me!

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