Revenge I seek

Crimson lips fade to pale
Confessions of Love – a sting in the tale
T’ was meant for me, I know it’s so
Another path, you must go
A heart of ice calls your name
No choice you have, to play the game
Stiff and rigid you play along
Conform and dance to her merry song
I watch her eyes, her twitching lips
Her twisted lies and sarcastic quips
I stand and stare in disbelief
Holding on, in silence, to my grief
Off you go to the maidens lair
I know in your heart, I must be there?
Can’t you run and escape her grasp
If only you had a looking glass
See the story how it should be
Then you’d know, you should be with me
What’s her power, has she cast a spell?
Is there a secret, never to tell?
life without you seems so bleak
Just walk away, why so weak?
Do not laugh and frolic with her
Remember me, I called you sir?
You promised me love and fairytale
My Prince, my knight, but now you bail
You said you loved me, I believed it was true
Now I’m confused cos she is with you
You’ve abandoned me now but what is the cost
I’m angry inside, broken, lost
I want to scream, and call you out
Please sir please sir I want to shout
I feel like a child, vulnerable and small
You’ve got nothing to say, nothing at all?
I’ve been discarded left here on the path
Let me tell you sir, you will feel my wrath
You’ve used and abused me, I know I am right
Hang your head in shame Don’ t put up a fight
You said that you loved me, I thought it was so
Silly girl, stupid, now I must go
I’ll hatch a plan , revenge will be sweet
I won’t be so nice, the next time we meet!
My heart, it is broken, you can’t comprehend
The damage you’ve caused – you were never my friend……

Ustav Raj spirals

Daily Prompt: Invisible

via Daily Prompt: Invisible


It’s nice in there amongst the trees, a little hideout,
I am at ease
Walking alone feels easy to do, there in my mind
adventures new
Leaves are falling and swirling down, leaving their safety
they hit the ground
Little droplets ebb away, finding a new place to stay
where do they go, what do they do, all the things
which start anew?
Some sink deeper and nourish and feed
grow they must with their new given seed
Invisible process, and close encounters, something sparks
enlightens the doubters
powerful thoughts, you have no control, such is the urge
to sink in the hole
deeper and deeper, not a care in your head
no one will know, until you are dead
that will show them, how invisible you were
too little, too late, no comfort to her

Daily Prompt: Provoke

a reaction, a response, a thought, a feeling, doing, not doing, saying, not saying, looking, not seeing….

via Daily Prompt: Provoke

Words, they are but letters arranged in a certain way
Sometimes they make complete sense, some, they blow us away.
What is their meaning; well, context, dictates
Even then, there can be mistakes.
How we interpret, sometimes is absurd
what impact is made, by the simple word?
Left on their own a danger ensues, from nothing, to everything
they hurt or amuse
Coupled together, with an action or deed
achievement of something, you will succeed.
Whether to think it or do it,feel it or not
No thing, is something, it leaves it’s blot
on the mind or the heart, the body or page
fills us with sadness, harmony or rage
Words they are a powerful tool
Use them wisely, don’t be a fool
Once they are said, they are hard to revoke
be careful of the beast, you’re about to provoke
when all the words and said and done
they’ll make an explosion, like a loaded gun!



A new beginning, a brand new start

New adventures, a happy heart

Where will it lead, I do not know

I only hope it helps me grow

Staying still for me, just seems so dull

I like to live life to the full

Potential is a funny word

To some it may seem absurd

But there it lies, within us all

Sometimes waiting for the call

Don’t be afraid to take new steps

To pastures new, have no regrets

Cos if you stay still, you can get stuck

Thinking of steps you never took

When chances come, grasp with both hands

Jump into the place, where opportunity lands

Where it will lead is anyone’s guess

I think it’s exciting, I must confess

It can also be scary, how you view the glass

But if you do nothing, you’ll get nowhere, fast

Whether half empty or indeed half full

One thing’s for certain, life will never be dull

So go and test the potential within

At the end of the day, you just might win !

The Essence of Love

via Daily Prompt: Captivating

I watched in wonderment,  the brilliance of your performance

so captivating, mesmerising, illuminating

Nothing moved me like that before, not even once

my soul, it flickered and shuddered, so agitating

it bounced and vibrated, it felt so elated

I could hardly contain my will, to be still

the kicking and waving, boom boom, boom boom

the essence of love, filled the room

life took new meaning like nothing on earth

do you even know, the depth of your worth?

oh yes how you danced, so serene yet wild

the beauty of life, my growing child

In awe I was at the sight on the screen

enlightening and brightening, my new beauty queen

bewitched, bedazzled and so fascinating

an audience with you, so captivating

six months from now, you’ll be in my arms

I’ll love you, protect you from all kinds of harm

the miracle of nature, I truly am blessed

time for me now to ‘feather the nest’










Tangled Minds


What a joke, I hear you boke

it serves you right, sir, can I call you that?

your follies and and frolics, misguided?  maybe – I think not

calculated and planned, by your own evil hand, you fall and beg for cover

not a thought, or beat, in your stone of a heart, who sir, can recover?

Clear it is, as clear as mud the tangled minds of many

strive as they may, to get through the day

One step, then another, a smile,  a frown,  some will fall down

the dirt, the mire, the bottomless pit of depravity, and desire

for all that you bring, and all that you are,  sir,

uncompromising abomination for the day of your creation

vomit you must, the lies and mistrust

a penance to pay – on reckoning day

hearts will sing, when the toll rings and brings the beast to bare,

afraid?  not? fear now, it’s all you’ve got, so cling with clenched fists

pray for your wits

praise too, the survivors, their baffling courage, never compromised!pexels-photo-356842.jpeg




Battles for life

Warm and cosy in my room,

I spy the waves that crash and boom.

The sky is calm, the sun goes down,

A light to guide, but still they drown

The sounds of silence and it makes me tense,

‘I’m okay’, is no defence!

For when it comes, and there is no ‘if’

It’s here right now, at the edge of a cliff.

Hanging on, to breath in air,

But look around, it’s gruesome there.

The shots, the blasts, the pain and blood,

A conflict of war of men in hoods.

I want to scream ‘stop it now’,

Instead my head, in shame, will bow.

The screams, the tears, on terrified faces

Run for cover, in dangerous places.

Many will come to a fateful end,

Of gunshots and drowning and we’ll all pretend,

It’s not us, but them, who are to blame,

But aren’t we one and all the same?

Sweep the doorways, keep them clear,

More than rubbish may appear.

It could be you, them or I,

That huddles inside, and prays to the sky,

To help us out from the savage cold,

Of unimagined stories, never to be told.

The ravages of man, lay waste to this land,

Destroy and demolish without reprimand.

The comfort of my room, yes cosy and warm,

But some welcome death, in the face of the storm.

How horrid that is, I can’t comprehend,

It makes me fell sad, I cannot pretend.

Stop all these wars and battles for life,

No good will pass in the in the wake of strife,

Only sorrow and anguish, contention and pain,

When all is said, there is no gain !