Months mind thoughts….

Authors own

Hello God, remember me
I used to write you, when i was wee
A little child so innocent,
I write to thank you, and to vent.
You were my friend when i felt afraid,
You kept me going whenever i strayed
I couldnt see you, but knew you were there
Listening and watching and answering my prayers.
So now dear God ive a favour to ask,
Take special care of my dear dad,
He’s left us now, gone back to you and its hard to feel happy when I feel so blue.
I know i miss the sound of his voice
And all the times that we’ve enjoyed
Please dont let him feel afraid
And tell him that the love has stayed.
Thank you dear God, for always being there
Even when life,, just doesn’t seem fair…..


victims of circumstance, born by chance into the family, the county, the colour, the culture, the life that we live. Promises, rituals, beliefs are not, necessarily, set in stone….

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Traditions of times gone by

Propelled to a future unknown

Baptism, communion, 21st, marriage

Symbols of becoming

An admission to a way of life

a cleansing of the past from where we came

a reminder of greatness, responsibility, hope

a journey to follow and participate

in the future that, has now arrived

the landscape unrecognisable

from when the tradition had been set

yet, here we are accepting, expecting, ritualising

and deciding which part of the responsibility and hope

we will participate in

and which we will discard….

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Creatures of habit, the birds build in any chimney, nook an cranny and return year after year., until someone or something gets in their way, it creates a loss and a gain for all involved.

gathering…. authors own

Persistent in the building, the jackdaw

Searched and found

The twigs, the moss, the leaves and tuft

All settled on the ground

He swooped and gathered and up he flew

To place them in the pot

Chirping merrily and proudly

Preparing to weave his lot

His stash, lined bricks and mortar

A home to build his nest

Only to find he’d been locked out

When off he went to rest

The cowl they placed upon the pot

His access had been denied

Not merrily chirping any more

His dreams for ‘home’ had died

No more the morning singing

Inside the house could be heard

Now only a strange quietness

Oh how they’ll miss this intelligent bird

But off he flew, quite undeterred to build

Another nest

A home, a house a habitat

Of where his chicks can rest

authors own

Resilient is this little bird, he’ll seek and he will find

a tree, or steeple, a nook or cranny

he will not be confined

for he is ever working, with tenacity and grit

he will not be deterred, he will just get on with it

and so the chirping will stay with him as he sings

his sweet sweet tune

and where the chimney has been blocked

no twittering lifts the gloom……

Women March

Remember the fight our ancestors fought for their rights, as women, for us so we could continue the good fight. To all the women today, be strong…

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Women March….

Lay down the night to rest

Upon the morning sun

Kiss thy wounded soldier

With sword and battle done

Run the river of trout up stream

And swim against the tide

Let mans endeavour for justice

Stand tall with sense of pride

Shed no more tears for hatred

Nor feel so ill disposed

The rising mist will lift to clear

A new landscape will be composed

And women march and battle on

Some broken on their knees

But still they fight like gentle giants

Their resolve won’t be appeased

They find, they fix, they nurture life

And pass it down the line

They sacrifice whatever it takes

They seek and they will find

And man may take our freedom

And even take our land

But what he fails to notice

Is what he doesn’t understand

That through the human spirit

The threads from another time

No matter what the terror

He can never take our minds.

And up we rise again and again

Our spirit never falters

It makes us strong, to carry on

Paused but never halted

The women through the ages

Have fought through hurt and pain

Now we rise and stand up

for the women of Ukraine

All women the world over

We have a special task

To raise our sons and daughters

To seek peace, and love that lasts

To banish control and hatred

Derived from power and greed

And so we continue to nurture

And plant that mighty seed….

Not all those who wander are lost…….

When life feels a little complicated, pressured or tense, there is nothing like seeking out time and space, to find your path…….

authors own taken at Knockranny Woods, Co Roscommon

Not all those who wander are lost,

didn’t you know, the price, the cost?

In walking straight along the line

or veering off from time to time

kneel down upon the steady ground

see whats there to be found

a little bud, a blade of grass

a glistening glow, as the river runs fast

a bird soaring through the sky

announcing to all, as you walk on by

A butterfly, a ladybird

flutter ahead without a word

Follow them all down their path

learn the lessons, see what they’re at

Dancing, singing, merrily

living each moment, so care free

burning passion, awaken desire

fan the flames, set alight the fire

stagnant waters, daily drudge

muddy viewpoints, toxic sludge

waste not time, on staying stuck

take a peek, go have a look

walk and wander, don’t be afraid

the choice is yours to be made

no ties no chains, just faith in now

this time, this moment, knowing somehow

that this path we take, whether short or long

it may feel right, it may feel wrong

but not all those that wander

are lost or found

they’re just where they should be,

now that’s profound

some tread lightly and some will pound

upon this earth so rich in beauty

nature speaks, it is our duty

to harness kindness, patience and love

seek to find of what’s enough

to fill or souls and guide our path

cherish simplicity of all that we have

separate the wheat from the chaff

learn to give, learn to laugh

at all the short comings

that we possess

and know that nature, our mother

knows best!

she gives us valleys, mountains and seas

sunshine, moonlight and a soft gentle breeze

forests so strong, air so clean

protection from bad, seen and unseen

a delicate flower, a thorny rose

the speed of the cheetah and the

sloth on a go slow

balanced she is in all that’s around

and those that respect her are not lost

but found

she takes away our anger and pain

give us comfort when we walk her terrain

negative thoughts seep on out

trust in her beauty, have no doubts

the answers lie within your steps

keep moving forward, have no regrets

or second guessing this or that

make mistakes, it doesn’t matter

get up again if you fall down

look to the heavens at the soft white clouds

see the bird, flying so high

sometimes too, he must cry

but keep on going he know he must

through the wind and rain, the fog and dust

picking berries, and twigs for his home

but before he settles, off he will roam

his simple life, abundant but free

wandering, not lost

but thoughtfully

the trick of the journey is simple but true

but it all has to start

with me and with you

being thankful and grateful

take courage and faith

the path it will open

just walk through the gate…..

No, Not Meatloaf!

When our childhood memories stay with us through our lives, it is often attached to music. A song can transport us to another time…..

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And the Bat has rested…… May he Rest in Peace…

I first came to hear of Meatloaf when I was 13 years old and he touched my soul….. I found him, specifically the album Bat out of Hell, to be exciting, deep, crude and and also so romantic that it has to be my all time favourite album, from my all time favourite musician.

I have played this album a million times and continue to do so. I have blasted out his songs when driving, when hoovering, when celebrating and when on my knees in grief and pain.

My kids know his songs, they too love him and I am sure my grand children will come to love him too, through them.

He is a legend and I am so so sad at the news of his parting. If only Heaven could wait and leave him with us a while longer.

I had written a poem inspired by Bat out of Hell a couple of years ago which was published in a Magical Moments publication. The publication included poetry and stories inspired by music. Of course, my big inspiration had to be Meatloaf.

So, Rest in Peace to him. Condolences to his family and fans. He will be a big loss but he has left such a legacy for us all. He will be immortal.

Heroes are remembered, but legends never die

Babe Ruth

Magical Moments –  Meatloaf – Bat out of Hell

Promised kisses….

Transport me back to another time

Dance in tune to the perfect rhyme

Youth club days in a purple haze

Beginning to blossom, still reserved,

taking risks and losing the nerve

of going too far, with promised kisses

spinning the bottle and classroom hisses

full of hope yet insecure

will it last, who knows for sure

paradise day and night

crossbar rides, taking flight

now dancing round my living room

hoovering up this adult gloom

beating out my heart is screaming

long lost kisses leave me reeling

warning sirens in my ears

take away my mundane fears

heaven can wait, but oh can I

like a bat out of hell, I want to fly

fly and soar and do it again

by the dashboard light, I will abstain

The minutes…

The Minutes…….

And as times slips by

And they don’t see me cry

They think all is well inside

But the thing is with loss

You pay a high cost

You just bury it deep down to hide

When they’re far removed

From the love that you knew

They don’t understand, they abide

So the tears now are silent

And hidden from view

But all the minutes of the days

Are still full of you.